Back to School, Back to the Daily Grind – Let Us Take the Weekend So You Can, Too!

Back to the Daily Grind

As the kids head back to school, parents are torn between missing them for the day and being relieved that they can get back to their daily routine. One thing that we aren’t all ready to get back to is the “what’s for dinner” that happens at about 3 pm every day. As we all settle back into our regular schedule, why not skip making dinner this upcoming weekend and take the day off? If you hire our Charleston private chef service, you can relax, enjoy, and make the most of three glorious days!

It is Economical

As anyone who has been to the grocery store will attest, food has risen in price to astronomical prices. By the time you go to the grocery store, buy what you want to eat, and prepare it, it just doesn’t seem to save you much. When you hire our Charleston private chef service, you don’t have to search for recipes, get the food required to make it, spend the time making it, or clean up afterward. All want, no waste – can’t go wrong with that!

Hot, Ready, and Served Up

Even God took a day of rest. The problem with school is that you have Monday through Friday to drop off, pick up, work a full day, do homework, and typically have all sorts of activities to drive to and from. Let Saturday night or even Sunday be the day where you don’t have to do anything but sit around and rest. If God can do it, you should be allowed to, too. When you hire us, you really can take a weekend – for no reason at all!

No Date Night Fees

Date night is great and necessary for you and your spouse to get a night off to reconnect. But date night doesn’t require you to go anywhere; it just means that you refocus on your partner. By the time you hire a sitter, rush out to the restaurant, pay the tab, find parking, and rush home, it can seem more like a chore than any real privilege. When you hire our Charleston private chef service, you can stay home, have your dinner catered to you, and just sit back and relax. The best part? You don’t have to stress over who will be the designated driver or who has to bring the babysitter home!

Sadness Mixed with Relief

As we head back into the fall and the routine that comes with having kids, activities, and a full-time job, there is a little sadness that the kids won’t be around – but in some ways there’s relief that the kids won’t be around. The weekends during the school year seem to mean so much more than during the summer, so make them mean something this weekend and hire our Charleston private chef service to take care of your “date night.”

After all, date night doesn’t have to mean a night out on the town, paying the babysitter, fighting traffic and parking, and paying a ton at night. It means that it is a chill, relax, and reconnect time, and we’ve got you covered for that! Contact us today and let us take this weekend so that you can, too!

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