Skip Date Night Out – Get All You Want From Home

Date Night Out

As summer continues, we are all feeling a bit lighter now that social distancing is a thing of the past. One thing that we all missed was dining out – but with now a couple of months of being able to socialize again, some of us are wishing that we could get just some of the solitude that came from being sequestered in our homes. If you want to have a more intimate date night and enjoy it from home, hire our Charleston private chef service and get the best of all worlds!


Going to a restaurant can be pretty pricey. By the time you pay for the babysitter, dinner, and drinks, it can be a real drain on your finances. When you hire Savor, you can put the kids to bed and stay put. Also, there isn’t a corking fee, and you don’t have to pay high prices to get a good glass of wine. Pop your own cork and enjoy the entire evening without having to leave your home.


Most restaurants will accommodate your changes, but that doesn’t mean you get to design your meal from scratch. At Savor, we cater to your personal preferences and design a meal that suits you perfectly with your favorite tastes in mind. And if you aren’t exactly sure what you want, we’ll ask some questions and design a three-course menu that is perfectly tailored just for you!

Dietary Restrictions Aren’t An Issue!

If you have dietary restrictions, ordering off a menu can be a nightmare. At Savor, we know how to adhere to your restrictions without sacrificing taste. Whether you have to go gluten-free or have specific allergies, we accommodate your menu accordingly. You don’t ever have to worry about plates getting mixed up and the health dangers that can bring. Make us aware of what is a no-no and we’ll make sure it doesn’t end up on your plate!


Regardless of how isolated the table you get is, there are still strangers around. If you want to have real privacy and an intimate conversation, it is just you two and no one else around. Once we cook the meal and set it up, we’re on our way. And we will have everything cleaned up before we go!

Most of us are enjoying the return to socialization, but after a couple of months, you have to admit that there were some aspects of social distancing that we really enjoyed. If you want to skip hiring a sitter, heading out, and being in huge crowds, hire our Charleston private chef service to cater your date night and save yourself the hassle of going out. Contact us to hire us today!

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