Private Chef Services on Seabrook Island

Private Chef Services on Seabrook Island

How nice would it be to sit back and relax while someone else cooks the most spectacular meal you can imagine that covers all of your tastes and wants? That is what we do! At Savor, our mission is to deliver you homemade meals for your special event - or no event at all - that satisfy all of your cravings and fulfills all of your tastes! We pour our hearts into every plate we serve so that we make every occasion the best one ever.

Providing a Restaurant Experience for You on Seabrook Island in the Comfort of Your Home

Whether you want a romantic meal for two or a champagne brunch for the masses, we are here to take care of everything, from the prep work to the clean-up. We take your wants and needs and mix them perfectly with all of our specialties for a taste-filled sensational meal that is like nothing you’ve ever had before. We offer the things you love about eating out and bring them to you so that you can enjoy a private and intimate meal with the people you love most.

Build a Menu That Suits All of Your Tastes

We understand that some people have dietary restrictions, and there are a lot of picky eaters out there. Our mission is to create the most eclectic concoctions to suit everyone without sacrifice. We make sure that our meals are unlike anything you have ever dreamt up while being safe for everyone who comes to the table. We pour our hearts into what we serve so that it creates lasting memories!

Cooking Isn’t Just What We Do for a Living on Seabrook Island - It is Our Passion

At Savor, cooking isn’t what we do for a living; it is a passion and way of life. We enjoy nothing more than watching the surprise on our clients’ faces when they try something new or are surprised at how perfectly certain tastes blend and play together. We ensure that every occasion you have is done exactly as you want so that your event is exactly how you dream it, plus a little more. Contact us today to discuss your upcoming special day!