Just Because We’re Not Social Distancing Anymore Doesn’t Mean We Always Want to be Social

We Always Want to be Social

As we roll into summer, there is a renewed sense of hope in the air and we are once again allowed to mingle with friends, family, and strangers out in the open. Although it is a breath of fresh air, some parts of us miss the serenity and closeness that COVID brought to our relationships. Sure, it is nice to get back out and about, but staying put for some quiet time at home did have its advantages. If you’ve already gotten the “crowd scene” out of your system and want to have a night to shut the world out once again, hiring a private chef in Johns Island is a perfect way to leave the world behind — just for one night!

Have Exactly What You Want Waiting

As we return to the daily grind of the office, most of us forgot how exhausting working nine to five was. Give yourself a bit of a break and don’t worry about dinner for a night. Hire a private chef and come home to a catered dinner just the way you like it. Sure, you can stop on the way home and grab something, but that can become stale. Treat yourself and let us make you a four-course meal that is hot, fresh, and waiting on you and your significant other when you get home.

Intimate Gatherings

Another great thing about COVID being behind us is that we can welcome people into our homes again. We all forgot about how chaotic entertaining can be, though. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. Invite over all your favorite folks and we can make an assortment of charcuterie boards in Johns Island that will please the entire crowd, or invite your besties for a good old-fashioned dinner party. We take care of all the work, and you can steal all of the credit!

Summer Festivities

It is so nice to be able to hold parties mask-free these days. We missed out on so many celebrations over the past two — almost three — years, and there’s lots to make up for! Why not have a summer party to catch up with connections that you have let slide, and do a multi-event to honor all the things that fell by the wayside? You worry about what to include and we will take care of the food and spirits. It truly is a time for celebration!

As we approach summer, things have never been so chaotic and hectic, which can be both good and bad. As life returns to normal, there are things that we didn’t think we’d miss, but we find ourselves doing so. If you are longing for the days when you could shut the world out and focus on a few people, why not hold a gathering, an intimate dinner for two, or just host your besties? It’s time to celebrate our many loved ones and how much we love them by hiring our private chef in Johns Island, SC to cater your event. Then, you can just sit back and enjoy quiet time amidst the chaos. Contact us to reserve your date today!

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