An Intimate Table for Two to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Anniversary Celebration

If there is one thing that people are enjoying about the pandemic being behind us, it is the return to nightlife and dining. When it comes to your anniversary night, however, nothing is better than a quiet evening with just you and your significant other. Instead of going through the hassle of getting dressed up and hitting the restaurant scene, consider having your anniversary dinner for two in the comfort and privacy of your home. That way, you can make sure to have exactly what you want on the menu – each other!

The Best Menu at the Best Price

Although it might seem more expensive to have a catered dinner for two, it isn’t. By the time that you add up the drinks, food, transportation, and all the other little extras, dining in is a much less costly way to go. Sure, it isn’t all about the money, but you certainly don’t have to spend a bunch to show someone how much you love them!

Way More Intimate

There is nothing intimate about a booth by the bathrooms, or being interrupted by your waiter every ten minutes. Plus, when you are at a restaurant, you have to keep your voice down to be private but speak loudly enough for your partner to hear you, which is not always an easy balance. When you have your anniversary dinner for two catered at home, you can speak as softly – or loudly – as you want, and no one will hear what you have to say but the person sitting across from you!

You Know What’s on the Menu

You can go to your favorite restaurant and get the “usual”, but when you have your dinner catered, you can choose an absolute favorite meal that is created just for you. Have special requests? We’ve got you! We can also make your dietary restrictions anything but restrictive. At Savor there is no such thing as being too selective or picky – your wish is our command! And if you aren’t sure what your favorite is, we can find it for you to enjoy – be creative!

Hot and Ready

When we deliver your dinner for two, you can rest assured that it will come hot and ready! We will also set up the plates just as you want and have it ready on time. Even if your other half is running late, we won’t be. And we can work around your busy schedule so that you aren’t rushing to get to your reservation. Have to work late at the last minute? The table will be ready and waiting on you, instead of you waiting on service!

If you are celebrating another year of bliss, celebrate it right from the privacy of your home. At Savor, we cater special evenings, events, and occasions by preparing the best of the best according to your palate and desires. Let us make this year’s anniversary one to remember and kick the new year off to a great start! Contact us today to reserve your special dinner-for-two date!

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