Skip the Crowds – Charcuterie For Two

the Crowds – Charcuterie For Two

As we embark on another Valentine’s Day, we do so with a renewed sense of closeness in our lives. We are so blessed and thankful to have social distancing once again be “socializing,” but there does come a period of adjustment to get back into the swing of things. Although having a crowd is great most of the time, when you want to have an intimate setting, a packed restaurant might not be the goal. And just because things are open again doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to go out. These are just some of the reasons to hire Savor for charcuterie for two to have a romantic night at home.

Custom Dinner

On Valentine’s Day, most restaurants have to accommodate the rush to celebrate by having a night on the town. Because they have to get more people in the door and out just as quickly, they often charge more for Valentine’s Day and limit their menu. So when you head out to your favorite place, it is quite likely that whatever your favorite meal is will not be available anyway. When you stay home and have charcuterie for two, you get the customization you want without limitations. You don’t have to fight for a seat or go without what you crave.

More Affordable

Along with changing and limiting the menu, higher demand means a higher price tag. Our charcuterie board is brimming with all the seasonal produce from locally-sourced farmers and organically produced meats and cheeses. I also don’t adjust my prices for Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter what night or holiday I cater; I do my best to keep my prices steady. And you don’t have to hire a babysitter for the entire night. You can put the kids to bed and celebrate quietly without clock-watching!

Delivery isn’t Available and It is a MUST

For those who want to stay home, Uber might seem like an option, but that doesn’t spell anything special. You want it to be a night for the two of you to reconnect and spend some time being grateful for one another – not ordering food and finding it by the front door. At Savor, we not only deliver; we set up and clean up. Most people go out to eat so that they don’t have to clean up afterward. You get the best home-cooked meal around and we do dishes and put things away – that is Uber-awesome on our part!

Pick and Choose

Instead of you wanting fish and your partner wanting chicken, our charcuterie boards are tailored to include both of your favorites so that you don’t have to choose. Spice is the flavor of life, and we bring it. Don’t mull over the same limited menu when you can have a board in front of you where you can experience new tastes and flavors to add layers to your Valentine’s Day experience.

Take Your Time

One of the worst parts about going to dinner on Valentine’s Day is that you can feel the rush and stress in a restaurant’s atmosphere. The staff’s focus is on getting you in and out fast. When you have a charcuterie board delivered, you can take your time. Pour one, two glasses – heck, the whole bottle of wine – while you enjoy time together. No one is going to be asking if you want your check or checking in to see if you are ready to give up your table. Spend all night catching up – no one is circling your seats!

Valentine’s Day is in the air; you can see it in every grocery aisle. This Valentine’s Day, it is great that restaurants are all open for business once again, but it is a much better option to stay home and enjoy time with just the two of you. Let us cater, clean up, and give you the privacy you crave to appreciate that you have found and have the most wonderful person beside you. Contact Savor today to reserve your charcuterie board for two Valentine’s Day special. Reservations are limited, so reach out today!

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