Trends in Catering to Choose for Your Holiday Gathering

Your Holiday Gathering

This year is certainly going to be a celebration. Going from social distancing to socializing is going to be a very welcome experience. As we head into the holiday season, many things have changed around the nation, including what and how people are serving at parties. This year, instead of slaving over a stove and spending the night in the kitchen instead of enjoying much-needed time catching up with guests, why not hire our chef in Charleston, SC and try out some of these new trends that are truly getting the party started?

Upgrading the Ordinary “Party Tray”

Catering used to mean a series of trays, usually consisting of boring old favorites where nothing is mixed and it is all a la carte. Catering companies are beginning to get more experimental with varying tastes and going outside the ordinary to show their creativity. They are also beginning to offer things that people are really asking for, like vegetarian, organic, and gluten-free menu items that are tasty enough even for those who don’t have dietary restrictions.

Charcuterie Boards are All The Rage

When it comes to a trend taking the food and catering industry by storm, charcuterie boards are taking over. Why are they so popular? So many people love meat and cheese and are looking for new and exciting tastes that charcuterie boards appeal to almost everyone. The fun of them is also that each board comes with some new surprises and enough variety that even the pickiest of eaters can find something to munch on.

Farm-to-Table and Organic

One of the trendiest things in food right now for restaurants and chefs in Charleston is farm-to-table offerings. People no longer want mass-produced meats and out-of-season or not-quite-ripe seasonal vegetables and fruit. Getting sustainable produce and fresh meat locally is a must for many. People are beginning to see the value in fresh and flavorful local foods.

Rich and Potent New Flavors

People are getting more experimental and looking for new concoctions and fanciful flavors. Bypassing the Chick-Fil-A tray, they want something imaginative on their plate that not only excites their palate; it should please their eye, too. Rich foods are preferred over worrying about calorie counts, which is why the average plate is smaller and so is the average serving size.

Mediterranean is the Rage

Perhaps stemming from the Mediterranean Diet that was so highly touted one short decade ago, many are choosing flavors from the Mediterranean such as tahini and feta. People want something outside the normal traditional wings and weenies in a blanket. Caterers are stepping up their game to please the new discerning palate.

As with everything, food trends come and go. This year, as we return to celebrating with friends and family, why not hire a chef in Charleston to do the heavy lifting? That way, you can spend less time being a cook and waitress, and more time being a host and entertainer. At Savor, we love trying out new trends, flavors, and tastes. We have just the right thing to entertain and wow your crowd. Contact us to reserve your date today!

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