Graduation Celebrations are in Full Swing – Have Yours Catered!

Graduation Celebrations

The summers in Charleston are characterized by two things: hot weather and graduation celebrations. Whether you made the College of Charleston your alma mater, or you have someone graduating and spreading their wings next fall, it is time to celebrate! Working to get an education is not an easy task; it can be exhausting. With finals done, why not fully enjoy it and hire chef services in Charleston like Savor today? Here are just four reasons to let us do all the work.

Sometimes Letting Someone Else Do the Heavy Lifting Pays Off

Often, when you buy things for a party, you either overbuy or underbuy. For most people, overbuying is the preferred error because no one wants to have to rush out and get things they need mid-party. That means waking up to a ton of leftovers – or worse, wasting them by throwing them out. When you hire private chef services in Charleston like Savor, we can determine precisely how much it will take to feed the crowd – and only the crowd, without stuffing your refrigerator for days afterward.

We Do All the Pre-Planning

There is always a rush to cram and get things done right before the last day. That doesn’t leave you much time to focus on what you are going to do afterward, especially something like a graduation party. The very last thing you want to worry about is who is coming, who is shopping, and how many errands you have to run. When you hire us, you just give us a headcount and turn us loose!

Variety is the Spice of Life - Figuratively and Literally

If you have been focusing on your education for a long time, you probably haven’t had time to fine-tune your cooking or entertaining skills. Instead of serving pigs in a blanket, why not go all out and let us make it a food extravaganza? We know the latest trends in food, so we can either recommend a menu, or you can customize your options. You only get to celebrate your graduation once, so make it the most spectacular one ever!

Cleaning Up is Not Your Concern

You just finished a marathon year of classes, exams, and papers, and you will likely have to make your home presentable for guests. Why would you want to wake up the day after and have to erase your celebration? Our private chef service will not only make your food look amazing; we will also clean up and leave no traces of the night before. Although we can’t cure your hangover, we would if we could! 

If you are ready to say hello to adulting, make your first move as an adult by hiring our private chef’s service to celebrate your big day the right way. At Savor, we will make sure your graduation ceremony is one for the books! Contact us today to save your upcoming graduation date!

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