Thinking of Having an Outdoor Event? Five Great Ideas for Themed Parties Based on Menu

an Outdoor Event

As summer continues, we are all feeling the freedom of being able to gather and celebrate with friends and family again. Thank goodness COVID is hopefully a thing of the past! If you are ready to get back on the entertaining bandwagon, then why not have an outdoor evening soirée to impress everyone you have been missing so much? Over the past year, food trends have come and gone, and with so much time spent at home in our kitchens, we are ready for some variety and spice. Why not hire private chef services for your get-together and consider one of these five great food ideas for a themed party.

Nothing “Board”ing About Charcuterie

If you haven’t had a charcuterie board lately, you have been missing out. Not many people want to eat a full meal in the summer heat, so a charcuterie board is the perfect way to give everyone a little piece of what they want. At Savor, we specialize in trying new things and adding our own twist to the boards that we make. We can create the perfect display to tantalize everyone on your guest list and we always keep it seasonal – and local when possible!

Surf on Your Turf!

Who doesn’t want to head to the beach? The problem with going there is that it isn’t a great place to dine. With all the sand, winds, and sunscreen necessary, it is better to take it off-roading to your backyard. What’s better to eat at the beach than your favorite seafood? Make it a salmon, tuna, or sushi creation; the key is to showcase the very best that the sea has to offer. Dress it up or down, but make it beach-friendly and you will create an ambiance that makes for the best night ever!

Lowcountry Boil Blowout

If there is one thing that Lowcountry is known for, it’s our Lowcountry boil. Although everyone has their own secret ingredients and spices, we know just how to do it right. Having the best and freshest fish from the area is just part of it; then there’s knowing how to prepare it perfectly to bring out the flavors along with the spices to make it all come together…that takes a special kind of talent. Set up some pots, start shucking, and get the party boiling over with our Lowcountry Boil as the main event!

Vegetarian Favorites for the Season

When temperatures heat up in the summer, many people lose the desire to load up on heavy meats and foods. Think about a menu designed with the freshest local seasonal vegetables and fruits, and be super creative. Nothing beats a hot summer day like a seasonal salad – with or without pasta. We guarantee that nothing will be missing from your menu when you hire us!

As summer passes, we can all let out a collective sigh of relief that COVID is hopefully a thing of the past and we can once again return to social gatherings instead of distancing! If you are ready to entertain again, make the most of your time together by hiring private chef services like Savor to do the heavy lifting. Whatever theme you choose, we can design a menu that will top it off perfectly. We love customization with a twist. Contact us today to get started!

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